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tv   Americas Choice 2016 Super Tuesday 3  CNN  March 15, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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46,000 in illinois right now. illinois still outstanding. the only outstanding vote on the republican side, missouri. here are the states won so far. let's update you. donald trump has won tonight in florida, illinois and north carolina. remember, florida is winner take all, 99 delegates there. john kasich, the governor of ohio, he's won his home state of ohio, 66, winner take all delegates there in ohio. he needed ohio. he got ohio. hillary clinton so far very good day for hillary clinton. she's won three states, florida, north carolina and ohio. important wins for hillary clinton on this day. let's go over to john king over at the magic wall. we have three outstanding contests right now. 99% of the vote is in in missouri and donald trump has a very, very slight lead. look at how close it is. >> 99% of the vote. we're still waiting on a good chunk of precincts.
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a little shy of 3,000 votes there. the one reason you would say trending in a very close election, you think donald trump is going to keep that lead, he's leading in st. louis county, not by much, nothing yet from st. louis city, some places are just consistent. we said this about detroit. st. louis very consistent, you are get the vote late. nothing there at all. in the very little we do have, trump is ahead. if that holds up and this holds up in the suburbs, if these leads hold up, donald trump likely to keep that lead but it's a nail bite in missouri. we have to overlay a congressional map and -- the winner will get roughly a split because senator cruz is doing so well in some areas, even if he
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doesn't carry the state. i would say it's advantage trump based on the votes out, if that holds up as we count them. again, not as close as the republican race, 62% of the vote in, 2-point lead for bernie sanders. what are we missing? let's check over here in jackson county, in kansas city, only 63% of the vote. hillary clinton with a decent lead there. there's some place to make up votes. so hillary clinton is not out of this race by any means. as i just showed you on the republican side, now you come to the democratic side, st. louis county, hillary clinton winning by a ten-point advantage there, half of the votes till out and st. louis city, i found like a broken record, votes a little quicker would be helpful, thank you. she's getting 71%, a large african-american constituency there. the places that are missing a lot of votes, places where
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hillary clinton is running strong or expected to run strong. you can make the case she can catch up. the fight now is for the moral victory of having that state your color blue. >> let's look at illinois. >> hillary clinton now leading in illinois. another nail biter in the industrial midwest. what are we missing? if you come down to the areas where senator sanders is missing, some are still out. it's not a lot of votes but senator sanders in some of these small rural counties. the biggest chunk of the vote is up here. let's move out to cook county. the base of what hillary clinton is counting on, much of it is in, not all of it, though. lake county, it's very tight competition here, only 9%. the votes up here could be decisive in this one as we count down. she's held this lead pretty
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consistently, up to almost 80% of the vote. but there's enough out there to keep counting. >> for bragging rights, bernie sanders would love to win illinois, love to win missouri. he hasn't won any of the states tonight, even though proportional distribution of the delegates. >> after michigan, he wants to fill in more in his color blue. hillary clinton would like to be able to make the math and the message argument, if you will. so we'll count them. >> let's not forget she was born in illinois. that's an important state for her for other reasons. these races, they're very, very competitive right now, jake. we don't know what the end result is going to be. >> that's right. >> there is a tremendous amount of significance about how who w missouri. as we know, this is really all
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just about math. it's about delegates and right now if all three republicans still in the race, mr. trump, senator cruz, governor kasich, if they all stay in the race, it is likely, it would seem, that not one of them will get the magic number of delegates, 1,237. we're looking at missouri with 99% of the vote in, donald trump is up about 0.3%. the winner gets 12 more delegates than the person who comes in second. >> you're its. of course it's a delegate race but it is also a psychological race, even at this point. i don't know if you're getting these texts and e-mails, i certainly am from the anti-trump forces, particularly about marco rubio. if he would have gotten out before florida, before tonight, before an embarrass, loss tonight, forget about florida, but it also could have helped ted cruz potentially in missouri.
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you see there marco rubio got 5.7% of the vote. ted cruz's campaign is convinced that marco rubio voters would go to ted cruz. rubio voters agreed with that to the most point. >> at some point the people who want to stop trump who have money will be able to develop a time machine and deal with that problem. let's go to mark. where are we and where are the candidates? >> there certainly are the moral winnings of running a state but it does come down to the delegate count that you need to secure the nomination. donald trump has won 150 delegates, ted cruz 24, marco rubio, who suspended his campaign, only has 3 and john kasich with that big win in his home state of ohio has 66 delegates now. let's look at year to date and where those numbers stand. right now donald trump has amassed 612 delegates.
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he's almost halfway to securing the nomination, mted cruz 395, marco rubio, 168 and john kasich 136. you could win missouri by a razor thin margin and walk away with a huge pile full of delegates. the reason we say that is because if you win statewide, you pick up 12 delegates. hypothetically let's assume you win statewide and win 5 of the 8 delegates, put the math together, you could have 37 delegates to whatever the loser has there, which is about 10 or 12 at this point. let's move on to democrats right now. hillary clinton having a good night, 168 delegates, bernie sanders has picked up 81 delegates, but to date let's look where we stand right now. hillary clinton has 1,412 to 655
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for bernie sanders. hillary clinton has won 940 pledged delegates, 472 super delegates, bernie sanders 632 delegates, 23 super delegates. the sanders campaign will tell you you shouldn't necessarily look at the super delegates because they're not bound to support you, they're only giving you a promise. bernie sanders says if his campaign were to catch fire, those super delegates would come to his side. >> it looks as though assuming nothing major happens and they stay on the same trajectory, hillary clinton is still the front-runner and favored even if you don't look at the super delegates. my god, we're probably going to be covering a contested republican convention. donald trump is going to have to win 670% of the delegates going
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forward. >> already the anti-trump movement is reminding us, don't call it a contested convention, call it an open convention. it's the ultimate grass roots experience. tell that to donald trump. >> that's interesting. i like that. i like an oep convention. i'm going to stick with contested convention. it is abnormal but if you don't get the magic number, then you're going to have to have a contested convention, although you have to win a majority, at least as the rules are right now, a majority of delegates in eight states in order to actually count and donald trump is the only one that has secured a majority of delegates in eight states. >> you said certainly really important, you said "as the rules are right now." it's an important point because the rules are there to be changed or not be changed depending where the party apparatus want the party
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mechanism to go. the rules were changed this way four years ago to help mitt military push down the ron paul people and the ron paul movement and it can easily be changed right back. >> what would the result of that be, anderson, if the rules are changed before the convention? then what i ask you? >> a very open convention. just open. it's not contested. jeffrey lord, for anybody tuning in and just hearing ted cruz tonight, you would think he actually won something. i know he's very close in missouri but he -- >> he's beginning to sound like marco rubio coming out and claiming third place as a victory. >> amanda carpenter used to be his spokesman. when he comes out and says i'm the only alternative, is that -- >> at the end of the day when all the dust clears tomorrow, we're going to be looking at the delegates. trump may have 600 some, cruz
8:11 pm
will have 400 some and far, far behind is kasich. short of that going into the convention if cruz is just a few hundred votes behind donald trump or maybe a few hundred vo ahead of donald trump, those are the two that will be go the to convention. are they going to pull it out and give it to john kasich? give it to someone who hasn't even run for president, paul ryan? those scenarios will not happen they sound pretty good to me. >> and rules are made to be broken. but i think it would be very hard for an open convention not to give the nomination to someone not named donald trump or ted cruz. >> in truth, it would be hard for anyone not to give it to donald trump if donald trump has come close enough and won the
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majority of states. >> until someone gets to 1,237, everyone is on the same playing field. >> you don't think this would have a major impact on the gop if donald trump is close to getting what he needs and doesn't get the nomination? >> anderson, wake up and smell the coffee. the major impact on the goal has already happened. we have people enthusiastic about donald trump and they are incredibly enthusiastic. it is a loyal, loyal club and the people who are completely unenthusiastic about donald trump. i think the impact is there. we are going to get to the convention with this gop. i heard gloria talk about the existentialist crisis in the gop all night. i can't believe i'm saying this but i do think ted cruz has something to talk about tonight. he edged marco rubio out of the
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race. he pushed marco rubio out of the place. he played political chess. he decided to play hard in florida and tended up with marco rubio losing by over 20 points. if maybe it had been a closer race, perhaps marco would have thought of hanging around a little longer. but losing your state by over 20 points -- >> donna? >> first of all, i not a republican at this table, i want to make sure of that. tomorrow morning the headline is donald trump is on his way to the gop nomination. he's won of majority of the voters and winning the majority of the delegates. to try to deny him or come up with these multiple scenarios to stop his roll is stupid. i think you have to -- >> thank you. >> you can buy me a drink later because i might need one as well. but the truth is for the republicans to create all of this havoc around his candidacy
8:14 pm
is going to hurt the party even more. you have to either accept it or -- >> let's move over here. ron brownstein? >> the story tonight was fundamental things apply. we saw the tame pat persons the republican republicans can be defined donald trump has consolidated the wing of the republican party -- he won at least 44% of non-college republicans in every state tonight. he's won most non-college republicans in 17 of the 20 states with exit polls and no one has consolidated anything to the party to that extent. donald trump's hold on that blue collar side of the party is unsurmountable. >> we have three uncalled races right now. we hope to get some answers. stay with us.
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and find the perfect spot to thrive. these are the hands of pitney bowes, the craftsmen of commerce. we have a key race alert. three still uncalled contests right now on the republican side in missouri. look at how close it is.
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a real nail biter between donald trump and ted cruz. right now trump is ahead 41.5% to cruz's 41.1%. trump has a lead of 3,337 votes. very, very close. 99% of the expected vote is in. we're watching missouri very closely. if cruz wins, that would be his first win of the night. trump has three wins tonight already. bernie sanders maintains his slight lead in missouri, he has a lead of 12,151. 70% of the vote is in on the democratic side in missouri. in illinois, 82% of the vote. hillary clinton has a bigger lead, 50.9% to bernie sanders's 48.2%. she is ahead by 43,153 votes. illinois a big prize, 156 democratic delegates at stake, although they distribute them proportionally. i want to go john king over at
8:20 pm
the magic wall. you're studying these three contests. base on what you're seeing, what can you tell us? >> we're down to 99%. last time we checked, st. louis hadn't reported its vote. we got 45% of it in on the republican race now. donald trump holding a lead, again in a close election, he's winning there. you move out top suburbs, we're up to 52%. if you think trump's ahead there, trump has been consistently leading here again. a very narrow margin. the trend continues even if trump is winning narrowly. ted cruz very competitive in the suburb, which we have not seen in those states in the past. if trump holds the slight narrow lead, then he'll could hold that
8:21 pm
lead. we look at the votes essentially st. louis in the suburbs and kansas city in the suburbs, likely to decide. then you go by congressional district. looks like cruz is winning two congressional districts, maybe he'll win a third and trump is winning the rest of the half dozen there, five or six more. so advantage trump at the congressional level right now. let's look at the democratic race here. this is pure live proportily pr. kansas city in the suburbs, 77% in. more votes to be counted there, an area where clinton has been winning. if she keeps her edge there, she could narrow the sanders margin and you come all the way across the state to st. louis county.
8:22 pm
just over half the vote counted. if you're saying can clinton come back? that's why the answer is yes. doesn't mean she will. but there's a big pool of votes there. less than half of the vote counted in shoes city. you see a very narrow sanders win, 12,000 votes. can hillary clinton catch up? doesn't mean she will. but the votes are out there. a few more votes to come in. come down to springfield, green county, it's 100%. in the macplaces where sanders a pretty good margin, 100%. if she holds her ahead here and here, there's a chance for hillary clinton to narrow that gap.
8:23 pm
look at the republican side in missouri, wow. >> it's very close on the republican side in missouri. 82% of the vote in illinois is still out there. hillary clinton maintains her lead. >> so just looking at that, democratic rules, proportional delegate switch. what they're holooking for heres the moral victory. hillary clinton would very much like to come back in missouri where sanders is leading and hold illinois where she's leading. if you start looking what are we missing, the springfield area, there's more volts there. sanders can expect to add there. you go to the wednesday part of the state, moline, illinois. a healthy lead for hillary clinton.
8:24 pm
if she holds at that, she can add votes there and you come back here to chicago and the suburbs, chicago city at 93%, clinton with a healthy lead there. maybe some more votes for her there and lastly check on cook county, 94% in and more votes there. if you're looking at the trend in the map and where the votes are out, you would give she holds that narrow lead but doesn't always work out that way. >> three nail biters right now. we'll take a quick break. much more right after this. ♪ ♪ the intelligent, all-new audi a4 is here. ♪ ♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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record this. voila. remotes you are back. the x1 voice remote is here. x1 customers get your voice remote by visiting very important night in the race for the white house. let's take a look at the states won so far. donald trump, he's won three states so far. florida. and it's 99 delegates, winner take all delegates, three states for donald trump so far. john kasich, he's won ohio. winner take all in ohio. he has won did their. hillary clinton has three important wins, florida, north
8:29 pm
carolina and ohio. we're still waiting for illinois and missouri on the democratic side. let's get a key race alert on the three outstanding. on the republican side in missouri, 41.3% for trump, 40.9% for cruz. trump is ahead right now by only 1,1 3,101 votes. we'll see in trump picks up number four. bernie sanders has a slight lead over hillary clinton. bernie sanders at 50.6%, hillary clinton 48.3%. he's ahead by 11,887 votes. 81 delegates at stake in missouri. we'll see if bernie sanders can pick up his first win in missouri. in illinois, hillary clinton maintains her lead 50.8% to
8:30 pm
48.3%. she has a 41,876 vote lead right now. we'll see what happens in illinois. important contest. three contests, close ones right now. we'll see when we can make projections. jake. >> let's look at these democratic races right now because they almost have the exact reverse vote count. in missouri bernie sanders just up a little, and the exact opposite in illinois, hillary clinton 50.8. let's go to david chalian, our political collector. why are these races so close? >> we are looking at party i.d., how democrats are voting and how independence are voting. we're seeing that the independence are keeping sanders ultra competitive in both of these states. among self-identified democrats in the missouri democratic
8:31 pm
primary tonight, hillary clinton wins these folks by 13 points, 56% to 43%. and they are the big majority. 74% of the electorate identifies as democrats. but for the quarter that says that they're independents, take a look at this. sanders wallops hillary clinton, 65% to 34%. again, a smaller share of the electorate, but he's beating her by 30 points. we see something similar in illinois. among democrats, hillary clinton is winning 56% to 43%, again, three quarters of the electorate self-i.d. as democrats there but for the quarter of the electorate that call themselves independents, bernie sanders wins them 78% to 28%. so even though they're a smaller share, the overwhelming support goes to bernie sanders and keeps him competitive in these states. >> that's one of the arguments
8:32 pm
of the sanders campaign is why he'd be the better candidate because he does appeal to independence more than hillary clinton does. >> you can argue it both ways and we've seen both of those situations bear fruit over time. you need independents but you also need the based of your party to be really excited without you. hillary clinton is doing quite well with democrats. it's going to be a question of who her opponent is is if she is the nominee, whether they'll go with her. >> she's still the front-runner,
8:33 pm
anderson. >> no doubt about that. david axelrod, is it a bad sign for hillary clinton in a general that's she falling behind bernie sanders? >> i think this is one cloud in a great night. ties don't help bernie sanders. they're fighting over bragging rights but she's had a great night. she's extended her delegate lead. >> and the victory in ohio is an important one. >> it's huge. but there is a problem with independents that he's exposed and you see it in general election polling, that she's not doing as well with independents. she doesn't have to carry independents because there are more democrats than republicans, but she has to do well enough. obama didn't win independent voters but he did well enough to win the election. you can't see them by 10 or 15 or 20 points in is an area they're going to have to work on in a general election.
8:34 pm
>> i think their feeling is, though they won't shout it out loud, if trump is the nominee, they can use trump to consolidate their support with independents. they're not going to say that right now but i think that's absolutely their hope. >> i looked at his numbers. they've actually improved a little lately. i just wouldn't take that for grangt granted. >> but that's what they hope. >> it does seem the danger not just for hillary clinton but any democrat, to take donald trump for granted. a lot of republicans arehave ma the mistake of underestimating him. >> we've seen that with republicans being slow to react to him. with hillary clinton, can you already see her pivoting to donald trump and try to figure out how she could be the anti-trump, too, she talks about building bridges instead of tearing down walls.
8:35 pm
listen, i think if you're donald trump, you are probably can bring in some of these big states like ohio, like pennsylvania. on the other hand, i think one of the things that chicago showed is that you are going to gin up a lot of support and enthusiasm to defeat him. >> that is the question before hillary clinton and bernie sanders is how aggressively do you go after donald trump? it was interesting to hear ted cruz tonight blaming media executives for a secret plot for wanting donald trump to become president. this from a guy who was sucking up to donald trump for months and months and months and not giving a lot of interviews to reporters. >> as a general election candidate, donald trump will probably been what he's been as a primary candidate, which is a destabilizing force. he's cut the republican party along an axis we haven't seen before, white collar/blue collar. he has the opportunity, as everyone is saying here, to put in place some of the midwestern, heavily blue collar states.
8:36 pm
he's looking at high negatives among millennials, minorities, college graduates. he might have to win a higher share of white voters than ronald reagan did in his landslide and that is a lot. >> that's why they're freaking out. they're trying to plot ways to try to defeat the guy who is their obvious front-runner. >> he's the antidotes to the whole enthusiasm -- >> i think hillary clinton and trump excite each other's base to a degree. >> hillary clinton has high negatives -- >> the biggest fallacy of those who say trump can win by simply turning out a long number of culturally conservative white who is haven't voted, they're not the only ones that are going to hear this.
8:37 pm
in politics as in life, every action has an opposite reaction. we saw some of that in chicago. trump could be an antidote that hillary clinton has. >> are you excited -- >> it's too early for me to give you my views. i don't get excited about people like donald trump. but god bless him, he won tonight. given the fact that most of the republican states going forward are winner take all, i think donald trump may continue to do well. boone county, which should be a cruz stronghold is trending toward trump. i want to say something about hillary clinton. do we have time in. >> just hold the thought. we're going to come back. we got a couple hours left to go. let's go back to wolf right now. >> let's do another key race alert right now in the three remaining contests that have not yet been resolved in missouri on
8:38 pm
the republican side. donald trump maintaining a slight lead over ted cruz. very close, 41.3% for trump, 40.9% for cruz. he's got a lead of 3,101 votes. 90% of the expected vote is in. we'll see what happens in missouri. on the democratic side in missouri, 80% of the vote is in. bernie sanders maintains his lead over hillary clinton, 50.6% to 48.3%. he's got a lead of almost 12,000 votes now with 85% of the vote in. in illinois right now, 89% of the vote is in. hillary clinton with 50.8%, bernie sanders 48.4%. she's got a lead of almost 41,000. we'll take a quick break, these nail biters, see what happens. we'll be right back.
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the numbers are changing a little bit. let's get another key race alert. in missouri, 99% of the vote is in. donald trump maintains his ahead. he's got an advantage of 2,450 votes. on the democratic side, bernie sanders has a lead of 50.3%, winning by just over 9,000
8:44 pm
votes, 89% of the expected vote of the democratic side is in in missouri. illinois, hillary clinton has a lead right now of almost 41,000 votes in illinois. let's go over to john king at the magic wall. you're looking at a lot of these counties to see what votes are outstanding, we're not yet able to make projections in these three remaining contests. >> i'm using a little scale bar to slide this back, take this back to about here. these are the counties left that have reported with 95% or less. you look right here, you have jackson county, which is kansas city in the suburbs, 89% in, cruz with a led here. still some votes here. it's been very competitive there. then center part of the state, boone county, university of missouri here, cruz winning with a healthy margin at 95%. >> we're showing counties right
8:45 pm
now where there still is an outstanding vote. >> showing you counties with a good chunk of votes out. you come to st. louis and this is where donald trump has been winning. i showed you a couple places where cruz is ahead. only 57 of the vote in in st. louis city. donald trump not by a huge margin but leading there. then move out to st. louis county, the suburban area, donald trump again leading in the suburbs but just by a little bit more. let's keep going out to st. charles counties -- donald trum winning a majority of the county by far. as we count this down, the reason it matters is the statewide winner gets the first 12 delegates and the rest -- >> let's look at the counties on
8:46 pm
the democratic side. it's very, very close in missouri right now. maybe can you show us where the counties that still have votes left to count. >> let's use the same tool. let's go back and stop it right there. 94%. this shows you places where you have only under 94% of the vote in. you have 89% in jackson county. hillary clinton with a pretty healthy lead. if the trend continues, there are votes for hillary clinton maybe to be had there. and then you move over here to the eastern part of the state. same place as we're looking at in the republican race. st. louis county, the suburban county around st. louis. hillary clinton with a pretty healthy lead here, only 83%, and only 57% in st. louis city. hillary clinton with a 10% lead there. sanders with a pretty healthy lead here. sanders maybe some more votes here in the further out suburbs,
8:47 pm
hillary clinton in the city and when you bring in the whole state, you are see we have a very competitive contest. votes for her to be had in two places where you have a higher population center but we're going right down to the wire. >> it could still go either way in missouri. let's do illinois on the democratic side right now. 90% of the vote is in. hillary clinton maintains her lead, 50.7% to 48.4 for sanders. >> let's use the slide bar. you move down to springfield here, 63% of the vote, an area where sanders is doing quite well, some votes missing here. these are very small counties here, half a percent of the vote in. if you double that, he's looking at another 20, 30 votes to add to his lead here. but when the race is this close, count everything. down here, 88% again. hillary clinton with a bit of a lead here. then the biggest pool of votes missing is still right up here
8:48 pm
in the chicago area, though we're at 95% in chicago city, hillary clinton with a good lead there. this is where you see the vote totals. hillary clinton counting on those votes to make the difference and lake county, that's a pretty tight race there, just 9% of the vote in. in illinois we still have a decent number of counties where we're waiting for the votes, which is why when you bring it back to the statewide picture, this has been consistent, she's held it consistent live through t -- consistently through the nights. in both campaign centers, the lawyers are checking the recount rules. >> let's look at the delegate count on the republican side. >> this is a bit of a projection. this is not our official count in is my going in and assigning
8:49 pm
missouri and illinois delegates based on where we are at the moment. here's a rough estimate. this could turn to cruz. if this switches, cruz would get the other 12 delegates. we're going to leave it for trump right now. trump will end the night somewhere in the ballpark of 660, 10 or 12 delegates will swing on the statewide missouri result. ted cruz will end 225, 240, somewhere in that ballpark. trump had be to the halfway point, half the halfway point in the race to the nomination. the question is can he get there? does that ohio victory by john kasich do enough to say trump can't get to 1,237? there's no guarantee of that. he has to win about 60% of the remaining delegates. with you there are some big winner take all states to come, including numg, pennsylvania and all the way to june, out to california. we could end up in a possibility where we're out in california, 172 delegates at the end of
8:50 pm
june, that could be the kind of thing that puts somebody over the top. we'll have to watch as this one mays out as we go forward. yes, the math for donald trump is more complicated. but with a three-man race, a lot of people saying that could help trump when you get into some of the winner take all states if the pattern we've seen in past elections continues that, could be advantage trump. let's take them one at a time. trump advancing tonight. let me clear that so people don't think that's actually locked in. here's where he is at the moment. as i said, i said if trump wins here, and cruz comes in second, it will be something like that. he's fwgoing to need about 60%. that's a tough haul. with some big winner take all states to come, it's doable. >> he needs 1,237. that's the magic number in cleveland. i think it's fair to say by all accounts, very good night for hillary clinton and a very good
8:51 pm
night for donald trump. >> that's true. one thing we have to talk about, though, i think is the fact that this has been a very, very brutally divisive campaign, both on the democratic side and the republican side. the question is whether the feelings are going to be so bad, will there be an appetite for a third party alternative? does it look like there are republicans that will look for a third party alternative? >> we didn't ask this of the democrats tonight. if indeed it ended up being a trump/clinton, would that be
8:52 pm
okay with you? 29% say they would want to third party candidate. in north carolina, 39% said they would consider a third party candidate. and in ohio, a only 51% would be saturdays fight with a trump versus clinton race and ohio is like the mother of all battleground states so that is going to go on donald trump's to do list if he's able to secure this nomination. >> interesting, david chalian. thank you so much. i've covered a lot of these and they are in the thick of hating each other right now. republicans are attacking one another more than they are attacking democrats. i remember saying no way john mccain supporters would back george w. bush, no way that
8:53 pm
hillary clinton supporters would back barack obama. things have a way of calming down. >> they do. we haven't seen as much animosity as we have on the republican side towards donald trump. beyond that, we have two problems with people who want a third party. number one, it's not so easy to get on the ballot, but much more important, who is it? who is that person going to be in the only person that could wage that kind of race could be michael bloomberg. can you think about anybody else? >> no, i can't. and republicans who talk about a third-party candidate, don't talk about that person as somebody who can win -- as a spoiler. >> not so much as spoil eer but
8:54 pm
they don't want to vote for donald trump. >> wolf blitzer. >> we'll be right back. [ salesman ] congrats on the new car. [ woman ] thanks. the dealership reviews on made it easy, but... [ man ] we thought it might be a little more tense. you miss the drama? yeah. [ technician ] ask him whatever you want. okay. ♪ do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama.
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a moto light up the runway.color schwarzkopf presents color ultime. it's color blend formula locks pigment in for brilliant, vibrant colors. discover runway colors that last. color ultime, developed with claudia schiffer, from schwarzkopf. this is special live coverag coverage. entering tonight, there were six candidates running for president and now there are only five. it could be a game changer for the republicans right now. senator marco rubio suspended his campaign just minutes after
8:57 pm
cnn projected donald trump won the florida primary. john kasich said if he lost ohio, he, too, would suspend his campaign. but he won. ohio delivered for him. now he says the race for the nomination is a whole new ball game. but could somebody clinch the nomination beforehand? cnn projects donald trump is the winner in florida. we project trump as the winner in illinois and north carolina. going 3 for 5 so far tonight. look at what's going on in missouri right now. let's put it up on the screen. we're going to show our viewers. take a look at missouri on the republican side. look at how close it is. 41.2% for donald trump, 40.9% for ted cruz, trump is ahead by
8:58 pm
only 2, 66 7 votes. >> on the democratic side, missouri it ko still go either way. it's a close contest in missouri right now. we're watching it on the republican side and the democratic side. in the meantime, let go back to jake. >> let's check in with our correspondents, who are at campaign headquarters all over the country. we'll start with brianna keilar. be sure to turn off the lights on your way out. to give us your estimate of where the clinton campaign feels it's going from here. >> they're feeling really good, jake. and this is really the line, this is the kind of can line that they're giving. they say voters validated
8:59 pm
hillary clinton's message about economic solutions and they felt that these wins, especially in ohio and florida and north carolina show that they rejected bernie sanders' message, which the clinton campaign is now characterizing as more negative, stepped up attacks on hillary clinton. this was pretty telling. i just spoke with hillary clinton's communications director and i asked her do you think bernie sanders can win at this point? here's what she said. >> i don't believe that he can. we think our lead -- we have a 300 delegate lead. that's twice as much as any lead that then senator obama had over then senator clinton in 2008. we think it would be very difficult, if not impossible for him to overtake her at this point. >> reporter: but you say it not up to us, meaning the clinton campaign, to call on him to drop out or consider stepping aside or changing his rhetoric. who is it up to? >> it's up to senator sanders and it's up to voters. >> reporter: as you know, jake,
9:00 pm
it's tricky because hillary clinton doesn't really have a leg to stand on with this. when she competed against then senator obama, she stayed in the r race all the way until june. correct the record, which is a super pac that backs hillary clinton and does at times coordinate with the campaign is definitely taking aim at bernie sanders, specifically if he's going to be staying in the race from here. >> all right, briana keilar, thank you so much. that is a difficult role for hillary clinton. you don't want to be pushing out or seem to be pushing out bernie sanders. he has every right to run. he's winning states, he remains winning states. he may well win missouri and of course she did the same thing in 2008 plus she needs bernie voters. she needs them to vote for her and she needs them to be enthusiastic for her. >> big time. it really is a pickle because


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